The location of our 2019 Annual Dance Recital, and Dress Rehearsal is, George Mason University, Fairfax campus. The Center for the Arts Concert Hall, 4373 Mason Pond Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

We have secured parking for our guests in Parking Lot K. You will park and then walk up the wooded walkway. You are welcome to drop off guests at the front of the building and then go park. 

recital & rehearsal Date

19th Annual Dance Recital! 

LOCATION: George Mason University Arts Center, Fairfax


Your dancers have been assigned show performance times by age. Check the attached file to make sure you are buying tickets for the correct show. Dancers ages 1-9 and ballet levels 1-2 are in the TBD show. Dancers ages 10 & up and ballet levels 3-5 are in the TBD show. There are a few exceptions so be sure to check.

Dancers need to arrive ONE HOUR PRIOR to their assigned show, dressed in their first costume with hair and makeup done. Label ALL items! Peanut free snacks and clear juices are welcome!

*ALL dancers will remain backstage in dressing areas for the entirety of the show. You will pick up your dancer at the designated area when the show is over. More information will be given out during dress rehearsal.

DRESS REHEARSAL: TBA located at GMU Arts Center

1. Arrival time for the TBD. We will go over recital drop off and pick up procedures at this time.

2. Arrival time for the TBD. We will go over recital drop off and pick up procedures at this time.

*Once dancers have performed their last dance, a backstage helper will bring the dancer to their parent for dismissal. You do not need to stick around for the entire rehearsal once your dancer is done.

AT RECITAL: We will have available to purchase: flowers $10.00 a bundle, DVD's @ $30.00 each, and yearbooks for $5.00 each. You may pay with cash, check or put any charges on your studio account.

Recital is meant to be a celebratory event. Let's make this a great day for all of our dancers commitment to hard work and dedication!


Purchase your tickets HERE!